Motoring Costs

Motoring Offences

Our charges are £215.00 per hour plus VAT.  Time is calculated by reference to units of 6 minutes.  For these matters we work on a fixed basis as follows:-

Representation at Court for a guilty plea one hearing (to include Pre-Sentence Report on the same day)£350.00 plus VAT
Half day trial including all prep and first hearing£795.00 plus VAT
Full day trial including all prep and first hearing£975.00 plus VAT
Sentencing Hearing£200.00 plus VAT
Travel to any courts outside the Southampton or Portsmouth£25.00 per hour plus VAT
  • Disbursements in addition to the above fees

What is included

  • Considering the evidence, advising you on a plea and sentence.
  • Advise on whether an exceptional hardship or special reasons argument should be made.

What is not included

  • Instructing an Expert Witness.
  • The fees of an Expert Witness.  These vary depending on the type of expert. They may be between £150 and £2,500.00 plus VAT. 
  • Taking statements from witnesses.  Depending on the complexity the fee will usually be between £100.00 and £215.00 plus VAT per witness.
  • Advice and assistance in relation to any Special Reasons Hearing.
  • Lodging an Appeal to the Crown Court.

Motoring Offences Time Scales

Typically for Guilty plea offences this will depend on the court date for the final hearing (likely to conclude at that hearing). For Not Guilty pleas the average timespan is  3 – 6 months.

All our clients understandably would like to know how long their matter may take and yet that is the one thing that no Solicitor can accurately predict. The average matter concludes on the first hearing if a Guilty plea and within 3 – 6 months if a Not Guilty plea and Trial. Many matters can proceed quicker than this and we will always do our best to meet a client’s requirements. Please note that this is often not within our control, due to court listings, experts and witness availability.

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