Fixed fee divorce

Knight Polson Solicitors offer clear and simple divorce fees for their legal service.

Fixed fee divorces

We aim to make divorce as simple as possible. We offer the below fixed costs for an initial consultation and divorce with one of our specialist lawyers.

  • Initial consultation – £99 including VAT
  • Divorce (Petitioner) – £900 including VAT
  • Divorce (Respondent) – £700 including VAT

Initial consultation

Getting a divorce is a big decision and we appreciate that these decisions aren’t made overnight. You may want to seek legal advice early on to ensure you understand the road ahead.

We offer an initial consultation for £99 including VAT. Discuss your legal concerns with a qualified divorce solicitor. Our consultations are an hour long, so you will have plenty of time to discuss your concerns and walk away with answers and an idea of your options.

Contact our divorce team today and book in for your initial consultation.


Starting divorce proceedings

If you are looking to initiate divorce proceedings, you are the Petitioner.

Our fixed fees for Petitioners is £900 inclusive of VAT, providing that both parties agree. This doesn’t include the court fee of £550.

Our fees are payable up front and involve legally ending your marriage. We are also able to provide you with further support finalising financial matters alongside your divorce, should you opt for this we can provide you with a quotation. Please note that advice in respect of finances will fall outside the scope of the fixed fee.

Responding to divorce proceedings

If you have received a letter regarding divorce proceedings, you are the Respondent.

Our fixed fees for Respondents is £700 inclusive of VAT, providing that both parties agree.

A trusted partner

Many companies offer fixed fee divorce services through portals or online case management providers. We believe in your case being managed by a real person, in your local area. Government restrictions permitting, you can visit our offices or schedule a telephone or video call with one of our friendly team.

Our expert team have been providing legal support to clients for over 30 years. Please see the family page on our website for a list of areas upon which we are able to advise.

Contact our family law team today and they can discuss your options.


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